LIONEL PODCAST: The Most Dangerous Person In Our Country. Take A Good Look.

Shameless proponent. Don’t blame Big Sis. She and Hopey are just members of the house band. They’re just implementing globalist, Draconian agendas. That being said. She scares the living scheiße out of me. (By he by, what’s dying or dead scheiße? That’s a lovely thought.) The only enjoyment of late is seeing her pretend to take heat for the latest Secret Service scandal. She’s playing the role perfectly. Taking her lumps. If only she could know the discomfort her TSA goons have caused countless thousands of Americans silliest enough to think they could fly unmolested.

Up against the wall, kid. Say aahhh! What rights do you or your kids have to refuse giving DNA data through buccal swipes and swabbing? Ha! What do you think?

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