LIONEL PODCAST: The Real American Idol

Bono, meet The Hedge. I have a friend who will remain nameless. And he has an almost homoerotic fixation with all that is Wall Street, especially hedge fund managers. He’s not exactly sure what a hedge fund is or what one would even manage but he sports a chub at the mere mention of all that is hedge fundy. They’re his rock stars. My friend’s sick.

And what he fails to realize is that the rapacious greed that these people possess prevents them from ever achieving worth as a human being. They are vain, callow, craven and piteous. They feel superior to mere mortals and only give my friend a second of their time because they mock him behind his back and . . . I’m making all of this up, but you can certainly enjoy a brief respite from reality. Now, where was I?

CISPA. Admit it, Sparky. You have no idea what CISPA is, now do you. Let’s see if this video explanation infra helps.

And enjoy the podcast. That’s the best 30¢ you’ve spent. Am I right? [Out of earshot: Cheap bastard!]

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