LIONEL PODCAST: Don’t Worry About Voting. It’s Rigged!

Reality sets in. I know this infuriates Obamanation acolytes and true believers. This can’t be. It just can’t. It is. And, what’s worse, it’s an extension and continuation of Dubya-Cheney. Hopey’s not any different.

Friday. I dropped my iPhone in the urinal at the gym. Hallelujah, I’m alive. I stopped my morning routine to get a replacement phone at the Apple cult center. Who are these people? They’re nice, too nice. They frighten me. That glazed expression, that 1000 yard stare. And the crooked smile. They walk among us and look like we are.

What motivates a craze? It’s my fascination with macropsychology. The psychology of units and people and the like. What controls trend and fascination? To be able to harness that would be the ability to harness the power of people themselves — their loves, fears, dreams and motivations. As Tower of Power asked, “What is hip?”

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