LIONEL PODCAST: Americans Truly and Delusionally Believe Their Vote Matters. Who Speaks the Truth?

Who is today’s Howard Zinn? Pete Seeger? The protest singer or songwriter. Who today comes close to penning such relevant classics as Monster?

The spirit was freedom and justice
And its keepers seemed generous and kind
Its leaders were supposed to serve the country
But now they won’t pay it no mind
Cause the people grew fat and got lazy
Now their vote is a meaningless joke
They babble about law and order
But it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told

Joachim Fritz Krauledat (born 1944)

The activism, the poetry of dissident died almost 50 years ago. Think about it. How incredibly sad. Because if ever there was the need for such, it’s today. Today’s Ted Baxter sockpuppet media rubber stamp everything. They’re too cozy with POTUS and too afraid to speak  out.

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