LIONEL PODCAST: Ed Gein Remained a Virgin His Entire Life. Case Closed.

Ed Gein was reportedly a virgin his entire life. Case closed.

The reaction to my commentary infra was most varied. I’ve excerpted two email beauts.

The first is from, I swear, Cherry. A paronomasiac’s dream.

Like your opinion I am sure mine really doesn’t matter. However I have to say I disagree with your statement when did being a slut,whore, and or fornicator swapping juices with complete strangers become ok. Oh I remember when people like you decided that premarital sex which cause unwanted pregnancy, teen pregnancy abortions and stds is so beautiful and wonderful. Don’t get me wrong as a married mother of 3 with a 4th one on the way I am so glad I was a virgin until my wedding night at 20 yrs old. I am super happy that us weird virgins like my husband who waited until he was 25 yrs old and married to me to have sex. So if people want to use virginity as a publicity stunt I think wonderful because there is too much promotion of the beautiful wonderful sex before marriage in a day and age of 16 and pregnant. People need a positive role model because what is really weird is that majority of people seem to feel like you that is weird!!!

And this classic from June. It speaks for itself.

Lionel:  u made fun of virginity, but there are many I bet that wish they still had it for what its was worth to lose it, u don’t have your priories straight, it should be commended for anyone at that age to keep themselves for marriage which I guess u don’t believe in the 10 Commandments or there is a God or hell.

Get real Lionel find something more interesting to talk about, WPIX do have u on as a volunteer don’t they although I don’t see why, surly u can’t be getting paid.  u are the wrost of the show.

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