LIONEL PODCAST: You’re a Psychopath. Don’t Feel Bad. So Am I. But You’re Worse.

Take a good look. Is this you?Look at this picture. This is America. This is who we are. A close-minded, hateful, cloistered group of frighteningly narrow-minded and sexually provincial nitwits. And no matter how we advance in other areas of society, no matter the area(s), when it comes to gay marriage, we’re clueless.

As to poverty, we’re the opposite. We couldn’t care less. Oh, we talk a good game. Especially the unabashedly devout Christian. And what did Jesus talk about, almost exclusively? The poor.

Anyhoo, enjoy the podcast and thanks for subscribing.

But first, a word about words. The scourge of maledicta and criminal coprolalia.

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