LIONEL PODCAST: Think What You Want. But Know, Most Assuredly, It’s Wrong. You’re Welcome.

Mention this crew the next time someone brings up Bildergerg. The Mont Pelerin Society is an international organization composed of economists, including eight winner recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences), philosophers, historians, intellectuals, business leaders, and others who favor classical liberalism. (N.B. Don’t let that fool you.) Can you say “Austrian School”? Its founders included Friedrich Hayek, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, George Stigler, and Milton Friedman — the precursors and intellectual antecedents to Ron Paul and libertarians around the world.

There, you learned something new today. You’re welcome.

So put your tray tables up. Watch the video infra I and listen to the podcast. The subject is . . . well,  you’ll see.

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