LIONEL PODCAST: Media Automourn. The Human Piñata Rodney King. We Still Can’t Get Along.

Automourn defined. When the media employ a one size fits all approach to a death, any death, in the media, that’s automourn. Ted Baxter has lost the ability to discern and differentiate. Why? Because they have to feed 24/7 news beast. And when Rodney King dies, it’s news. It’s automourn. I’m not dismissing the significance of Mr. King’s loss but not being insignificant does not significant make.

Neo-Zapruder. When I learned that King had been found dead in his pool, the first thing I thought was: He had a pool?! But keep in mind that Rodney King, the human piñata, ushered in the era of the citizen journalist and amateur videographer. Without that video, no words could have explained what occurred. Not since the Zapruder film has a piece of video changed the world.

Coprolalia. Enjoy the video and the podcast. And thanks.

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