LIONEL PODCAST: They’re All the Same. Two Sides of the Same Coin. I KEEP TELLING YOU!

Clemens the tutorial. Here’s a primer on the Fifth Amendment. What you need to know about it, what to say, what not to say, what to avoid, how not to waive it, the dangerous troika (witness, subject and target). This is critical to know because it speaks to who we are as a country also. The cornerstone of the Fifth is ofttimes forgotten. Just look at today: drug testing, polygraphing, checkpoints, TSA screening. You’re brought forward in some queue or line and presumed guilty of something whereupon you prove your innocence by going through a clearance tribunal, viz. backscatter ionizing and the like.

Rodney, we hardly knew ye. And enjoy this eulogium to a man who changed the face of civilization. And Rodney King as well.

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