LIONEL PODCAST: I Can’t Believe How Much This Guy Sucks. Seriously.

Let me count the ways. This is the worst lawyer in the world. Period. No one gets close to him. No one. He is the quintessential reference to “sucks.” He’s without peer in the sucking department. No one but no one sucks at anything more than this guy sucks at lawyering high profile serial rape cases.

We may be Penn State. But the university, the football team and Gawd knows what’s toast. I truly feel for the people who’ve tethered their souls to this hallowed institution. But now, thanks to Sandusky, Paterno and a Sgt. Schultz group of big wigs, it may all be over. No, this won’t bankrupt Penn State, but no one can even gauge just how badly the image and brand have been irreparably scarred. The lawsuits will begin in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

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