LIONEL PODCAST: What the Hell Is Obamacare Anyway?

Why are we clapping, Rachel? Obamacare is constitutional. Not under the commerce clause, mind you, but under Congress’s inherent power to tax which POTUS Barry swore this wasn’t. Huh? And nobody has a clue as to what the hell that even means. I mean they talk a good game. Obama hatin’ Repubi-cons swear it’s the end of civilization. Obama acolytes and MSDNC types laud his brilliance, But both sides share one thing in common: nobody has a clue as to what the hell Obamacare even means. But look, Sparky, that never stopped you before and it won’t now. In less than a week this will be forgotten. Obama haters still hate; his disciples still fawn. The only ones to watch are the undecided and swing voters.

The definitive videos that explain all you need to know to appear mildly conversant. That about covers it.

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