LIONEL PODCAST: Nescience. The American Way.

My, how they love to laugh. It’s the universal response to anything different scary or challenging. With the 65th anniversary of Roswell, the usual suspects laugh and chortle out of, frankly, nervousness. And absolute nescience. Look no further than 9/11 mythology. Some of the stories that have been woven and constructed are absolutely ridiculous: impossible concoctions of manufactured fact. But, alas, why bother. Myth gives people comfort. Laughing away that which ails you. That which is discomfiting, bothersome. Don’t feel bad. It’s the American way.

App-solutely scary. You’re under complete and total surveillance. At all times. Everywhere. So, wouldn’t it make sense to record the government ad cops. Well, Sparky, how naive are you. Well, the ACLU has come up with an app for smartphones. Sorry, iPhone, this is for droids only. The app allows you to chronicle and memorialize police encounters, especially stop and frisk moments of temporary custodial interrogation. Let’s hear it for freedom.

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