LIONEL PODCAST: The Power and Magic of Wonder and True Awe.

Hacking Zeus. Who says particle physics isn’t knee-slapping good craic? Look carefully at this. This is the password of Gawd.

The child is the perfect human unit. And there’s nothing as important as this idea. The child’s mind is the perfect model for the acceptance of knowledge. Children are fearless, funny, open-minded. They don’t know hatred or bigotry. They want to play and playing means learning. They’re not embarrassed at failure or even getting hurt. In fact, parents teach them to cry. Parents’ looks of horror reinforces the connection between fear and sadness and terror. The human being is perfect up to the age of six (6). After that, learning kicks in and it’s all downhill until death. And that’s why when they are hurt, it should be full and open warfare against those who’d dare to harm them.

Gotta love a physics joke. Better yet, you have to love physics. It’s not a subject; it’s the rules.

Dark matter matters? Scaffolding.

For the first time, a team of astronomers has “observed” a filament of dark matter connecting two neighboring galaxy clusters. Dark matter is a type of matter that interacts only very weakly with light and itself. It’s very nature is mysterious. Mapping the dark matter filament’s gravity was the key to the breakthrough. The result is considered a crucial first step by scientists. It provides the first direct evidence that the universe is filled by a lacework of dark matter filaments, upon which the visible matter in the universe is distributed like small beads. Gizmag

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