LIONEL PODCAST: Agamous. Say the Word. It’s Beautiful.

When you understand what a director does you’ll know how to frame your life. Listen to how this podcast in particular meanders, winds and finds itself. And listen in particular to the end wherein you’re encouraged to know which chapter of your life you’re in. I see my life as a series of chapters or, and here comes the Hitchcock reference, scenes. A director frames the scene. You frame your life. Think about it.

It is fundamentally American to fear, exclude and even hate. Thought is protected. That is being American. Freedom’s a bitch. Free will, free love, free clinic, born free. When the word “free” is used look how often it’s associated with something not so nice or negative. I remember that old joke wherein someone sings “Born free, my father’s a doctor.” That cracked me up as a kid.

I think it stinks that the Boy Scouts eliminate gay folks. But, it’s their right. Eve if it’s wrong.

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