LIONEL PODCAST: The Illusion of Causation and the Politics of Commercial Exploitation

The horrors of bad theatre and our futile quest for causation and control. Horror is a strong word. But it’ll have to do in explaining what I saw, entitled Lady and the Champ. The Khmer Rouge was prickly heat compared to this psychic molestation. After I purge my soul of that hour that I’ll never get back, I explicate the sheer idiocy in trying to apply a causation model to the horror that was Colorado yesterday.

And speaking of exploitation and the shape-shifting world of delusional self-promotion. There are few words at my disposal that can even come close to explaining how insane George Zimmerman must be along with his “lawyer” Mark O’Mara in appearing on any TV show whilst a second degree murder charge is pending against him. Seriously, no words. Not to mention he has his immunity mini-trial pending wherein he could be cut loose by a sympathetic judge bolstered with the full faith and support of a public who empathize with Ol’ Zimm. I don’t want to go all Nancy Grace on you, but this representation is worse than anyone can imagine. You never win in an interview and upon close inspection you can see how the piece was surgically edited in a slapdash embroidery. See for yourself.

And lighten up. Remember, you too will die.

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