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LIONEL PODCAST: Staring at the World Again

Shaw ’nuff. George noted, “A man of great common sense and good taste – meaning thereby a man without originality or moral courage.” I defy you to find a more beautiful thought. It’s tough being unique and original. Just ask the Kardashians. I kid of course. But this posed fascinating point. Being nice and accommodating and the like often involves capitulation and resignation. And that’s anathema to the creative, bright spirit.

Insanely obvious. The idea of having requisite specific intent nullified by insanity confounds many. And I can understand why.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Beginning Is Near

The parallel universe. Welcome back, spiritual carpooler. Have you adjusted yet? Have you figured out that you’re starring in the most frightening reality show of its kind. This week with Higgs Boson verified I wept figuratively. The discovery was colossal. And yet my world stares in rapt attention as Chris Christie shreds the last vestige of a career hat was based on bluster, blather and air. And we laugh at this piteous churl and he just doesn’t get it. We can’t get enough of the emotionally tentative. And yet we found one of Gawd’s passwords and not a peep.

Synchronized nescience. When the Fourth rolled around the seals barked, sheeple were herded to stare, all while we celebrated a country who’s disappearing before your very eyes. Shhhh! They’ll hear you. Don’t wake them. They’re better off not knowing. Americans love to wave flags. That’s it. To pretend they get it. To imagine and truly believe that “patriotism” is a ceremonial dance. Bowing, gesturing and pretending. Pretending to understand.

A killer walks and the system works. You heard me, Sparky. It worked. Liberty’s a bitch and due process is her pimp. And yet the most amazing news, as stated supra, was all but forgotten, dismissed and ignored. Here’s my paean to the human mind and the seduction of discovery.

LIONEL PODCAST: The 236th Fourth of July and the Myth of Liberty

Happy Birthday, us! Note the exclamation point. Yes, I’m screaming it. You do the same. Please. Fireworks bore me to the core. Crowds do nothing for me. Have you ever seen a fireworks display and thought, “Now, that was really worth fighting the traffic and seas of humanity. I’m fulfilled now. I can die a happy man.” No, no one has.

Below please find my encomium and paean to that which makes us great. See for yourself and spread the word. Feliz cumpleaños, America.

LIONEL PODCAST: Two Huge Reasons Why July 2nd Is Significant: World UFO Day & the Inaugural of Lionel’s New PIX 11 Early Morning News Show

Morning becomes Lionel. As the video message supra indicates, there’s big news at PIX 11. Today, July 2nd, begins my new venture. I host the new iteration of the PIX 11 4A-6A News with the best coterie and conclave of news colleagues in the business.

You might have heard about it. It was in all the papers. News will never be the same. This I promise you.

And one more thing. Today is World UFO Day. They’re here. Ike and Churchill new. POTUS 34 was not exactly a loon.