LIONEL PODCAST: A Gore Vidal Eulogium. Lethal Hair-Splitting, Parsing and Deconstruction.

Vidal in a nutshell. ““I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy analyst.” Verity.

The immutable insanity of lethal hair-splitting. I can’t get past the fact that we wring our hands over what to do with multi-round magazines but we think nothing of the horrors that we, you and I collectively, enact and exact under the name of ___ (your vague causal reference here). It is horror, pure and simple, how governments unleash the inconceivable rain of death with impunity and not so much as a whisper from the media. And you’d think that the prototypical left would do and say something. But they don’t and can’t. They’re bankrupt and bereft of mission. As is the despicable right. Wisdom knows no direction.

Pretending the world makes sense doesn’t make it so.​ In May of this year I paid tribute somewhat to Vidal. Herein.

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