LIONEL PODCAST: Why Paul Ryan’s a Globalist Asset-Stripping Shill and None of This ___ Matters

It doesn’t matter. What an event this morning. Patriotic fanfare, schmaltz, pabulum, bunkum. Romney introducing Ryan as the next President. Classic. Two guys who’ve never served in the military fetishizing war and the military. Switching between stations. MSDNC with the most jejune and snarky of commentary. Rachel Maddow with nary a clue as to politics but great on strategy. The equally annoying Chris Hayes firing a machine gun “I’m a smart guy” stream of nothings. Fox was a tad better in terms of not oozing partisanship. But we know what was on their minds.

Born Farid. Saturday. CNN still stinging from the news that Farid Zakaria’s a plagiarist. MSDNC better not gloat. Remember, that corpse on “Mourning” Joe Mike Barnicle was under investigation in 1998 over “questions about whether the writer had fabricated characters in a 1995 column.” But wait there’s more.

Also, in an issue that will hit newsstands Friday, The Boston Phoenix weekly newspaper will report that Barnicle lifted portions of a 1986 column from a 1961 book by journalist A.J. Liebling.

Earlier this month, Storin demanded Barnicles [sic] resignation after discovering that he used jokes from a book by George Carlin without attribution in an August 2 column. But after an outcry from the public and some other journalists, Storin relented and announced last week that Barnicle would be suspended for two months without pay instead.

Wake up, little Susie. Back to the ranch, the announcement was interesting. Mittens jumped into the announcement instanter. My hydrotherapist noted: “Why introduce Ryan on a Saturday morning during the last two days of the Olympics? If late Friday is when you announce things you want to bury, early Saturday cant be much better (by becky). Why not on Monday?” A great point indeed. And it wasn’t Rubio or Christie. There’s no way they would have allowed aloud a loud Chris Christie near the White House. But don’t take my word for it. Unless you’re smart.

The gaffe. For reasons no one will ever know both Mittens and Hopey made the mistake of introducing their running mates as future POTUS. Big deal.

Did someone say video?

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