LIONEL PODCAST: The Immutability of Self. Solipsism, Anyone?

Enter austerity. Whatever you say, don’t mention anything about talking to the hand. When anyone says they’re an adherent to Ayn Rand they know nothing. Ayn Rand is “Catcher in the Rye” for an older, hipper group. They don’t know objectivism from their arse. It’s also a stab at validation for being selfish and uncaring. Psychopaths dig Ayn Rand. And duped Republi-cons clap like barking seals at Eddie Munster when he looks them in their cataract-fogged eyes and pledges austerity and fiscal responsibility. And meanwhile no one speaks for me. They simply never have.

Watch Mittens’ face. You can see in his face the sense of “Oh, God, no.” He sees in Ryan’s face that look of overactive exuberance. Not hard to imagine in a 42 year-old with a political lifetime ahead of him. Obama’s team will serve up every word Paul ever said and make him eat his words. Watch.

Video killed the radio star. No, wait. That didn’t come out right.

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