LIONEL PODCAST: I’m 648 Months Old Today. But I Feel 643. Kubrick’s Moon Landing? Nah! No Way. Right?

Heart of gold. I made the same mistake. How many times have you called Obama Osama. And vice versa.

Kubrick was a genius. Open your mind. Imagine. Remove every constraint from that brain and imagination of yours. No one’s endorsing this. I’m not. But just ask yourself a very simple question: Could the USA’s greatest achievement in many minds be absolutely fraudulent? Just ask that question. Sticking it to the Russkies, making good on a pledge to land a man on the moon moon by the end of the decade. Kennedy’s prophetic words. And when was the landing. July 20, 1969. Look at how so many have devoted their lives to the sedulous study and investigation of this event. Patton was famous for creating the illusion of troops and armament with inflatable tanks. The Trojan Horse. Deception, lying, illusion. Sun Tzu. The Art of War. Do you think your government is smart enough to pull this off? Do you think this is beyond the realm of possibility? If you do, welcome. You’ve officially become a sheeple.

​Take it easy. ​I know how you get. You like your world simple and easy without any controversy. I know. Just forget I brought it up. Watch the NASA spokesman, Brian Welch. He does more to fuel the “conspiracy” by his lame blanket denials. And notice, Its FOX. So it has to be the truth. Right?

Video. A veritable cataloging every conceivable thought and subject anent and regarding our complex world.

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