LIONEL PODCAST: Hallelujah! Back Online and Not a Moment Too Soon.

Back in the saddle again. I fell victim to a bum NVIDIA video card and baby, I’m back. I’ve been untethered, disconnected and awash in the oblivion of a Mac-less world. Well, all that’s over. I’m back and Shoebaby’s with her parents. Let me also state emphatically that I heartily endorse Tekserve versus those Stepford glassy-eyed Applebots and fictive geniuses at the bar, narcotized by delusions of self-importance and the magnet of the cult.

Today’s subject matter inter alia​.​ There will be a test.

  • Gen. Jon Fremont, Honest Abe Lincoln, Justin Morrill, Homestead Act, land reform and the land slavocracy. My how times have changed.
  • The twin pillars of barbarism (1856) as a platform — slavery and polygamy/Mormonism
  • The Chris Matthews indictment. See infra. Lemmings coming to the defense of Captain Drool Cup.
  • Post RNC review: Christie’s ignominious debut. The GOP’s Mr. Creosote live and in pallor.
  • The DNC’s on its way. This week. More of the same but in reverse. Hopey apologetics and the FOX crowd sharpening up their dulled barbs.
  • The politics of diversion. Have something to hide and then fight passionately against its disclosure. e.g. 44’s birth certificate (long or short form, whatever), Dubya’s AWOL stats, Mittens’ offshore banking and tax returns.
  • Birthers, Truthers and the dreaded conspiracy. Conspiracy theory versus conspiracy analysis.
  • Facebook and Twitter narcissism
  • The blather that was television commentary anent the RNC
  • And the ___ of ___. (Be creative.)

The Captain Drool Cup Smackdown. A term I hate but some seem to think it’s most fitting. Smackdown. It demeans the craft of my indictment and sidesteps its gravamen. Irrespective of that, this is the commentary that had the MSDNC zombies frothing. How dare anyone suggest that they’re without political substance. Enjoy.

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