LIONEL PODCAST: Tell Me What This Means. Look Carefully.

Finding Nimmo. “Angelina Jolie may be considered the Leni Riefenstahl of her generation.” Thus spake Kurt Nimmo. Give me a shill. An estranged nobody. Let me feed her with delusions of relevance and brilliance. Let her serve as globalist dupe. CFR shill. Perfect.Look at that KONY 2012 drivel. She bought it, hook line and stinker. Amazing. And she’s digging the new image. Jon Voight’s little girl showing daddy that she’s something. Kinda like that walking steamer trunk of emotional baggage, Mourning Joe potted plant, killjoy and political payback, Mika Brzezinski, living in the shadow of globalist daddy Zbigniew and bro Mark, the Ambassador. It’s deep. Trust me. The gravamen of my indictment is that Americans neither question nor care about talking heads on the screen.

Enjoy this effort of mine. And thank you.

The Devil: the great myth of them all. Since I was a kid, no religious myth captivated my attention and imagination more then El Diablo. He/It was the greatest man-made creation that personified “evil” and gave a basis to religious Mafiosi for scaring the shite out of the deluded and easily led. But where did the myth come from? This is a fascinating documentary.

LOTUS speaks.​ In spades.

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