LIONEL PODCAST: Still Think There’s a Difference Between Romney and the Other Guy?

Please forget about the debates. They simply don’t matter. And you know that. In this episode: bread service rage, Florida crackers, I play a little gee-tar, fun with physical therapy, Pirate reenacting and a host of miscellany that is sure to tickle your heart. There’s so much to our world. More than the coward media will even approximate. They’ve no interest in anything but the bloody status quo. They are absolutely worthless. Tits on a boar. Surplusage. Offal. Awful at that.

Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are walking along. They see a sign: CONTEST FOR WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. Snow White goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing a crown. They walk along and see another sign: CONTEST FOR WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN. Superman goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing the awarded belt. They walk along and see a sign: CONTEST FOR THE WORLD’S GREATEST LIAR. Pinocchio goes in, later comes out with his head down crying. Pinocchio sobs asking, “Who the hell is Mitt Romney?”

The video compendium grows exponentially. Have you seen the Lionel YouTube Channel? Over 1200 uploads. How does he do it (?), you ask. Seven a week. Every week. De minimis video. A sprinkling of graphics. Little distraction from me. And the message. See?

Do dyslexics go batshirt?

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