LIONEL PODCAST: Thank Gawd! Mother PIX is Back on Cablevision!

They’re here. Back again.

Finally! Here’s the story.

PIX 11 is back on Cablevision.

Tribune Broadcasting, WPIX’s parent company, released the following statement Friday evening

“We’re pleased to announce that Tribune Broadcasting has reached an agreement with Cablevision for the rebroadcast of PIX11. We thank our viewers for their loyalty and continued support. You can look forward to the return of your favorite CW shows and top-quality local programming, including award-winning news, political coverage, traffic, weather and live sports.”

The agreement also covers Tribune stations in Hartford, Denver and Philadelphia.

“We’re looking forward to bringing them the top quality local and national programming they expect, including award-winning news, political coverage, traffic, weather and live sports, including NFL Football and the World Series, ” Tribune said.
Founded in 1948, WPIX is an integral part of life in New York. PIX has entertained and informed generations of New Yorkers through its award-winning news department and its entertainment as well as holiday programming, including “The Yule Log,” which PIX introduced in 1966. WPIX is now the flagship station of the CW network, carrying such hit shows as “Vampire Diaries” and “Gossip Girl.” PIX also televises Mets games.

This is tremendous relief to many of our loyal PIX viewer family members. I know that I and my colleagues felt a tremendous sense of elation mixed with relief upon hearing the news last night.

Brilliance. Exhibit A.

In fact mention PIX to anyone and they’ll mention this: the most cutting-edge example of programming ever. Ever! I still marvel at how masyerful this seemingly simple concept was and is.

And this is what you might have been missing. Behold. And we apologize in advance.

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