LIONEL PODCAST: Hurricane Sandy Devastates New York & The Tri-State Area. And I Should Know.

Surreal? That’s putting it mildly. RT provides yet again superb documentation.

The Financial District. This is mind-boggling. It looks like war-torn Fallujah after we brought democracy to the Iraqis. It’s near Wall Street and the Financial District. On three: WOW!

The eeriest of eerie. Lower Manhattan. South of 40th Street. No lights, no life. An abandoned movie set. Horrific.

Herein a discussion inter alia:

  • Personal experience.
  • Observations and musings.
  • Media coverage.
  • Ted Baxter agog and amok.
  • The seeming rationality of the prepper. They don’t seem as crazy anymore, now do they?
  • Second Amendment, anyone? Especially as to hoards of looters, flash robbing and organizing on Twitter.
  • Cue the HAARP, angel.

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