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LIONEL PODCAST: The Xmas We Get We Deserve

Void where prohibited. The critical thinking abandonment that was Newtown is nowhere near cresting. It’s devolved into a gun debate as usual. That’s like arguing the effects of violent video games on kids by advocating TV or game or flat screen or computer control. Let’s go for the actual instrument that delivers the problem or message not the cause. It’s the same insanity we employed when we tried to make drugs illegal. If you avoid or ignore underlying causation the instrumentality of the problem is a literal and actual waste of time. Critical thinking is dead. It’s been replaced with polemics, sophistry and casuistry of the first order. Alas.

The most brilliant Xmas song ever. Ever! It’s more than just about Xmas or Christmas. It’s about disillusionment. Of being lied to for your own good. Like your government does. Daily. Sinfield’s lyrics are perfect as usual. It defines my drive. Never to believe anything as presented. We’re awash in myth. There’s no truth, no absolute. It’s always a version of a perspective someone’s created to deceive you. Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.

But let me remind you: Santa is real.

And now a word from our sponsor. Enjoy something silly today.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Newton Post-Tragedy Analysis (Part II)

The analysis continues. The horror knows no end. And neither does the most ridiculous of analysis that anyone could imagine. Casuistry and sophistry as an art form. But in the meantime, it’s critical that all attention be directed towards the treatment of the surviving children and their families followed by a serious discussion on how to secure schools. The school is now the magnet of the crazed killer. It’s the epicenter.

Myriad issues. Chronicled infra. The world goes on. Once we get past the paralysis.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Brutal Truth About A Brutal Mass Murder (Listener Discretion Advised)

Brutal reality. This horror doesn’t require my review to explain it. It’s gut-wrenching. It makes me sick. Psychically. Like I’ve been punched. The little girl, fifth from the right. Her face. She’s petrified. It’s a howl. Look how they try to maintain order. Order amidst chaos. Hands on shoulders. March in order. Order? What order? Imagine in her little, simple, kid’s (once) safe world to be thrust into a horror that’s inconceivable to even the most experienced combat vet. And she’s a baby. An innocent child (not after this) who will be forever scarred, branded, contaminated. Her sense of safety gone. She’ll most certainly suffer nightmares. PTSD. She’ll never feel safe. Ever. Truly safe. Loud noises will scare her. Fourth of July. Firecrackers (by becky at testsforge). That sound will forever have a new meaning. She’ll need counseling. Plenty. Watch her grades drop. Watch for subtle clues as to problems. And it makes no sense. Then she learns of her friends who were killed. Why? Why not me? The simplest of survivor’s guilt. The most frequent question of the child: Why? There’s no answer this time. Certainly not from me.

And in the meantime. The left and right. Gun rights, gun control. MSDNC, Faux News. Sophistry as a spectator sport. Assault weapons. The media, video games. Security. Drugs and SSRIs. Mental illness. Notice. Second Amendment follies. A singular diarrhea spray of chat blather. Without surcease. Without reason.

On a lighter note. Everything’s lighter compared to this horror.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Fishy Case of the “Suicide” of Jacintha Saldanha Explained

What suicide? Who ever mentioned suicide. What evidence is there? It’s the most incredible story ever. Jacintha (Jess) is supposed to have committed suicide over erroneously transferring a call, as an operator would?! This makes no sense. She was a mother of two, respected and loved by coworkers. Seemingly rational. Not blamed or singled out for any discipline. If anyone was “negligent,” it would have been the actual nurse who gave out Kate’s information. Or the initial switchboard operator who took the call. The whole proposition is absurd. Imagine this woman refusing to put a call through. Was she supposed to vet the callers’ bona fides. It’s totally absurd no matter how you look at it. And stinks to high heaven.

Suicide isn’t painless. It’s becoming all too expected and rational and natural and somehow justified for any reaction. Now the “presenters” — I love that term — are under suicide watch. Puh-leeze.

Videos. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

LIONEL PODCAST: A Pair of Dimes. A (Left-Right) Paradigm. Either Way, You Lose.

How true, Peter. How true. You know, no matter how many times I say this I get the same reaction from so many: What the hell is the left-right paradigm? And who wants to hear that? Especially when the MSM push the canard that we’ve real, palpable differences. Ha! I know. I’m the Grinch that stole the elections. Or at least the perception of their legitimacy.

Boob Costas is a causation Boeotian. Boob submits that Jovan Belcher killed his wife and himself because of a gun. And that gun laws would have stopped the horror. Tougher gun laws. Boob. Please. Enough. Go home. Just go home. Herein I set Boob straight.

Video. Did you say “video”? Take a look. It’s free. For now.