LIONEL PODCAST: A Pair of Dimes. A (Left-Right) Paradigm. Either Way, You Lose.

How true, Peter. How true. You know, no matter how many times I say this I get the same reaction from so many: What the hell is the left-right paradigm? And who wants to hear that? Especially when the MSM push the canard that we’ve real, palpable differences. Ha! I know. I’m the Grinch that stole the elections. Or at least the perception of their legitimacy.

Boob Costas is a causation Boeotian. Boob submits that Jovan Belcher killed his wife and himself because of a gun. And that gun laws would have stopped the horror. Tougher gun laws. Boob. Please. Enough. Go home. Just go home. Herein I set Boob straight.

Video. Did you say “video”? Take a look. It’s free. For now.

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