LIONEL PODCAST: The Fishy Case of the “Suicide” of Jacintha Saldanha Explained

What suicide? Who ever mentioned suicide. What evidence is there? It’s the most incredible story ever. Jacintha (Jess) is supposed to have committed suicide over erroneously transferring a call, as an operator would?! This makes no sense. She was a mother of two, respected and loved by coworkers. Seemingly rational. Not blamed or singled out for any discipline. If anyone was “negligent,” it would have been the actual nurse who gave out Kate’s information. Or the initial switchboard operator who took the call. The whole proposition is absurd. Imagine this woman refusing to put a call through. Was she supposed to vet the callers’ bona fides. It’s totally absurd no matter how you look at it. And stinks to high heaven.

Suicide isn’t painless. It’s becoming all too expected and rational and natural and somehow justified for any reaction. Now the “presenters” — I love that term — are under suicide watch. Puh-leeze.

Videos. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

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