LIONEL PODCAST: The Xmas We Get We Deserve

Void where prohibited. The critical thinking abandonment that was Newtown is nowhere near cresting. It’s devolved into a gun debate as usual. That’s like arguing the effects of violent video games on kids by advocating TV or game or flat screen or computer control. Let’s go for the actual instrument that delivers the problem or message not the cause. It’s the same insanity we employed when we tried to make drugs illegal. If you avoid or ignore underlying causation the instrumentality of the problem is a literal and actual waste of time. Critical thinking is dead. It’s been replaced with polemics, sophistry and casuistry of the first order. Alas.

The most brilliant Xmas song ever. Ever! It’s more than just about Xmas or Christmas. It’s about disillusionment. Of being lied to for your own good. Like your government does. Daily. Sinfield’s lyrics are perfect as usual. It defines my drive. Never to believe anything as presented. We’re awash in myth. There’s no truth, no absolute. It’s always a version of a perspective someone’s created to deceive you. Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.

But let me remind you: Santa is real.

And now a word from our sponsor. Enjoy something silly today.

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