LIONEL PODCAST: Remember, It’s Lonely Being Right. But Fun.

A great American. As is the case with so many of our great artists, if only we recognized their brilliance when they were alive. And that spirit. That spirit that was considered radicalized and way-out. The revolutionary, the militant. Like Lennon or Lenny or Abbie or Jerry. And now I listen to what they said and it sounds almost quaint. Innocent. Childish. We’ve lost that spirit. There are some around: Matt Taibbi, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, Greg Palast, Nomi Prins, John Perkins, Bruce Fein. And even the affable and lovable Alex Jones, who wowed that moribund Brit Piers. They’re indefatigable spirits. Fearless. Firebrands and real scary. Entertaining, amazing, riveting. Never boring. And to be honored for their fearlessness.

There’s a purpose for video. Really, I swear.

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