LIONEL PODCAST: Surrounded by the Insane. What Incredible Inspiration.

Hey, Ma! It’s me smack dab in the middle of lunacy. And that’s become the norm. The world’s devolving. And what’s with everyone calling me their “guest”? I was in the bank and they announced for the next guest to step up. Guest. At Bed Bath & Mayhem, same thing. I’m a guest. Well, if I’m a guest, give me something. And now in New York it’s mighty gelid. ‘Twas 13°F this morn. Does anyone know where my huevos are? Thermoreceptors, baby. TMI? Tough. It’s my nature. My friend, sit back and let me just let it out. My thoughts, that is. Nothing Al Roker-like, mind you. Because life knows no continuity, no rhyme and no reason. Nor does this mélange. But enjoy.

And thank you.

Videos. This compilation is worth its weight in whatever you weigh videos by.

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