LIONEL PODCAST: Super Bowl Homoerotic Tribalism

Everyone cheer! You’re part of the tribe. The cabal. The coven and coalition of the similarly influenced. Wear your jersey. Root and yell on cue and on command. Look at me, I have no soul! Team allegiance. Tribal connectivity. It’s a human thing. As is mass murder. Let’s celebrate brain damage. America’s game. Are you ready for some football? Can you say chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative and incurable disease whose symptoms can include memory loss, depression and dementia? What a game, huh? Imagine if a street drug did that. Law enforcement would become unhinged. But this is different; this is football. And the day you ever see me wearing another man’s name on a jersey, shoot me.

And my award for great labeling concepts. Tada! It works. No scheiße. Or is that yes scheiße? (Cf. crapulence.)

Watch the man speak. He’s speaking to you. Not at you.

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