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Think of my commentaries this way. Mentally carminative. I relieve mental flatulence. It’s a wonderful thought. And by the by, this picture supra is perfect. The myth and illusion of the left-right paradigm.

Carminative: An agent that prevents or relieves flatulence (gas in the gastrointestinal tract) and, in infants, may help in the treatment of colic. The origin of the word “carminative” is particularly curious. It was borrowed from the French carminatif (masc.), carminative (fem.). Virtually all English-language dictionaries state that the French took the word from the Latin carminare, to card wool. However, a respected French dictionary Le Petit Robert indicates that carminare meant nettoyer, to cleanse. The confusion appears to stem from the fact that to card wool was to cleanse it. Thus, a carminative cleanses the bowels.

The God Particle. Why we look up and pray (hope) something’s in charge.