LIONEL PODCAST: Paula Deen. Greek Tragedy. Idiocy Incarnate. Tip of the Iceberg.

Paula Deen is not a racist. She’s an anachronism. From a time that’s since gone. She’s a relic of the South. I’ve met these people before. Listen to her infra. What planet is she on and from? Will Paula Deen seek absolution in an interview with Oprah? OWN wouldn’t mind the publicity, and Oprah has played this role before (by becky). The scary thing from a PR point of view is that Paula Deen has no filter. Many others subscribe to her views, but are smart enough not to put it out to a national audience. Who would have thought that the battle between the racially insensitive and the racially hypersensitive would play out in a national debate about a matronly TV cooking show host? And remember: She’s not alone.

And Deen watchers will find this most interesting.

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