LIONEL PODCAST: Why George Zimmerman Is Not Guity. Part XXIII.

The facts never mattered. Never. Not once. The louder the media voice, the more likely they never saw a second of the trial. The demonization of Zimmerman beyond anything adduced at trial and the apotheosis and deification of Trayvon as child saint, martyred for no reason. I thought a child was murdered the first time I saw the photos of Trayvon. The message was simple: he was talked and tracked and hunted down like a dog based merely on his race. Does that sound familiar? Well, if it does it wasn’t from anything heard or testified to at trial. That came from memes and lore and myth and urban legend and the scores of media sheeple who brayed ad bleated and crowed and cried the same theme and tune. The tragedy shape-shifted into a version unrecognizable to any who watched the trial.

I knew it. From the first time I heard the facts of the case I knew that second degree murder would not fly. And manslaughter was  a distinct and possible maybe compromise verdict as a Category One lesser-included. This case had no business being tried. The facts simply didn’t represent any of the available charges.

He’ll never live in peace; he’ll never be free. Twitter and social media vigilantes will see to that.

Here’s what never happened. Andrew Branca presents this most thorough composite of the myths of the Zimmerman trial. It’s a part of the great coverage from Legal Insurrection that covered a multitude of legal analyses that were nonpareil.


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