LIONEL PODCAST: Are You Sure You’re Ready For This?

“What so fascinates you with the infraordinary?” What so captivates the American people with the base, plain, vanilla and hypointeresting? Their news, views, politics — seems, I’m sorry to say, is so incredibly bland. Pabulum. At best. I respectfully submit that there’s so much out there that would freak out Citizen X if only it was presented cogently. And it’s fascinating stuff. Terrifyingly fascinating at times. Why? Because it’s like the first human(s) learning that there exit fish and marine life below the surface of the ocean in a medium you can’t sea and rarely. They never knew they were there the whole time whilst seemingly invisible. But so much of the MSM Ted Baxter news is at best (or worst) anodyne: not likely to provoke dissent or offense; innocuous, uncontentious or inoffensive. News that doesn’t offend someone isn’t possibly worth knowing. How could it be?

Building a better mousetrap doesn’t make the mice better. Look how we tell kids to stop daydreaming. Stop letting your minds wander. Pay attention. Stay on task. Sit up, sit straight and learn! Learn to be obeisant. If there’s one thing this world needs more of it’s pure and unbridled imagination. Reverie. Musing. Supposing. Dreaming. Thinking of crazy stuff just for the sake of thinking.

Wake the Sheeple. This should be the motto of the information biz. Wake them up. Scare them. Complacency’s not good. Copacetic, no good. Ennui Christian soldiers. Incuriosity killed the cat.

Waiter! Check! Let’s get started. Are you sure you’re ready for his?

And one more thing, Sparky. Dan Aykroyd is a hero of mine. He just may be the guy to break open the mind-prison that so many of us are in when it comes to EBEs, UFOs, ETs and critters from elsewhere. We’re “this” close to once and for all acting like adults about a subject that when finally revealed will be the Watergate of the millennium. Thirty-six percent of Americans think aliens have visited Earth, and almost 80 percent believe the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public, one survey finds. And I haven’t even brought up the Vatican. They believe.


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