You know when tides have turned. This is almost axiomatic historically but Vietnam War
protestors and activists noted that the zeitgeist had shifted when moms and grandmothers and nuns and the more non-traditional protestors lent their name any faces to the movement. What we’re seeing globally is a most vociferous and active protest faction against austerity from non-traditional protestors. Austerity. Remember the word and the conceit. Familiarize yourself with what it connotes. It’s a term of art that denotes draconian penury.

Sadly, Americans have not a clue for the most part of what austerity even connotes, but as is so and too often the case, they will. How do you explain the goings-on in Egypt? Egypt with a 3000 year history, a proud and noble people. Double-crossed by Morsi and now Sisi.

The greatest speech ever. And oddly from Chaplin. It’s simply beauteous and perfect. Too bad an enterprising pol doesn’t adopt it. But that would never work. Not in this climate. Not in a world that’s run by a kleptocratic ruling class.

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