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LIONEL PODCAST: Interminable Intermeddling Inter Alia

It all begin with a twisted dream.

This is a most fascinating day for me. It’s the first day of Fall and the beginning of my pre-colonoscopy prep. The subject fascinates people. That’s right. The seasons. I kid, of course.

And this is true especially by and from those who’ve had a Roto-Rooter scope in the past.  Folks love to overdo the prep portion. It’s the usual reaction to anything. We embellish and exaggerate that which we’ve survived. My gastro doc prescribed this great sounding substance: SUPREP BOWEL PREP KIT. How’s that for self-explanatory? What a great name. Id love to be the industry spokesperson. Remember when June Allyson was the spokeslady for Depend? Note: It’s Depend and not Depends. Funny, I always thought it odd that the device that was supposed to collect and contain errant incontinence oops moments that had to work every damn time was not called WORKS EVERY DAMN TIME. No, instead it’s called DEPEND(S). I prefer the plural.

Matters bowel freak folks out and I’ll never understand why. There must be some Freudian atavistic deep-seated reason for it. Interestingly enough, the one area the FCC is notorious for enforcing is that discussion or piece that addresses in excess those matters excretory. How insane is that? Violence, racism: no problem. But an over the top poop reference and they go crackers. What does this say about us? It’s amazing that we pretend to find these matters disgusting and I say pretend because everyone loves a great flatulence or extreme egesta joke or moment. And you know it’s true. I’m an accomplished manualist and can make that perfect flatus sound mit mein mitts. It’s been a great source of entertainment and laughter since I can remember. Great in elevators and even better during routine physicals.

Admit it. You know it’s funny.

The NYC Mayor Race Explained

I recorded this piece “Dueling Lionels” last Friday. I’ve two of the greatest artists and tech geniuses at my disposal at Mother PIX and they made this happen. Kenton Young, the brilliant photographer and videographer, and Dave Scanlon, the evil genius of editing. Behold this masterpiece.

LIONEL PODCAST: Patchwork Meets The Big Pink

The challenge.

One of the great challenges for me as a podcast feller is to define with any semblance of particularity a subject or patterned mode of discussion. I once had a rather shortsighted type in a managerial position (if you can believe that) use the term “veering. “ I seriously asked him if he’d ever suggest to Ella Fitzgerald that she wasn’t actually pronouncing words during a sonorous scat (versus a less pleasant version). Then of course there was the problem of explaining who Ella Fitzgerald was. I prefer the term desultory. Not that I was, mind you, but I prefer the word. Lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm  is one set of descriptives. The last one is most bothersome or would be if it applied – lacking enthusiasm. Can you imagine? You see, that explains the trouble with the world. Trying to fit an idea or theme under a rubric or classification. It’s all insane and obscene and absurd. And once you label something that gives some Boeotian the ability to disregard the merit or worth of your thoughts in that it falls within a label lattice. Liberal, conservative, conspiracy theorist, right-wing, leftie, fascist. Give someone a label and you’ve marginalized him. And then this phenomenon: when a label is advanced, thrown or trotted out, you spend the bulk of your time dissecting whether you in fact fall under that label or if your political or philosophical framework comports with a given pigeonhole.

If Gawd could write comedy … .

LIONEL PODCAST: Front Row Horror

The conspiracy of suspicion. Read this headline. Now, let me ask you: Is this a conspiracy theory? Well, if it is, the Post is advancing it. That’s right, Ol’ Rupert M. Or was advancing it. Listen to me carefully. For 12 years I’ve studied that event and all of its permutations and believe me, if you think that the official story and account is the last word, you know nothing. You and the rest of the world. Strike that. The rest of the country because is nescient because the world is more interested in our national day of horror than we are.

The arrogance of disclosure. Five events happened that day in terms of attack sites: (1) North Tower; (2) South Tower; (3) Building 7; (4) The Pentagon; and (5) Shanksville – FLT 93. Take the time and review the issues, questions and investigations as to any and all. And note how many people have no idea of the significance of WTC 7. Trust me when I tell you this, the official account is anything but final and comprehensive. In every other tragedy and event of our country revision and review are the norm. We still parse and dissect every aspect of the JFK assassination and will up to and beyond this year’s 50th anniversary. We dissect Vietnam, the Korean War, Watergate. There’s even been critical review as to the accuracy of the official account of Pearl Harbor. Yet we proceed fearlessly.

Never apologize for your passion of truth. But it’s hands off 9-11. Lest you be called a conspiracy theorist. Translation: a loon, a nut. Gore Vidal said, “It is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life.” He also quipped that he’s not a conspiracy theorist but a conspiracy analyst.

Verity. Call this what you want. The issue remains that the issue remains – as to the full and complete story. Be not afraid of demanding the truth. It’s the last the heroes and victims and their families deserve.

LIONEL PODCAST: We Simply Never Learn


This might just be one of my more comprehensive podcasts. Translation: desultory in spades. But I prefer improvisationally divergent and varied. A thought multiplex. Variform. As are the best parts of life. There are some assorted musings inter alia on death, faux bugling, mani/pedi and the man, Syria to be sure, deception and politics, relativistic history, interstitial connective tissue and the 12th Anniversary of 9-11.

Every year I feel the same. I remember with absolute clarity that absolutely beautiful day and then observed the Ted Baxter MSM distortion, diversion and distraction from anything even approximating the truth. I saw a rushed investigation and a mass recitation and rote memorization of the official story. A truncated investigation and a CliffsNotes version of reality. The event was then stacked on the history shelf and we will only talk about it in terms of said recitation. We’re not even close to getting to the bottom of the myriad issues. And trust me there are more unanswered questions than you can imagine. Everyone with two neurons to rub together knows that. Every other event in history is examined exhaustively, incessantly, indefatigably. But not 9-11. Other countries hold conventions and symposia and bravely investigate what happened. But not the victim country. Go figure. But trust me, one day, and that day will be soon, someone and some event will infuse and invigorate the population in demanding a thorough and painstaking investigation. Not a reopening, but the investigation that should have commenced immediately and instanter. But never did.

GMO: The mystery of our dutiful nescience.

No issue is as chilling as GMO foods, genetic engineering and Frankenfood. And of course, the name Monsanto comes up as it should. But dig: the issue is even more devious than the issue of what this stuff does to you. We’re talking about the end of biodiversity and heterogeneity of species.  And then imagine one form and variation of corn owned by Monsanto. One model, one type. Period. And it gets worse. Farmers terrified to even reuse seed?! How insane is that. And it’s happening. Big Agra makes the Gambino crime family look like the Junior League.

This is not an exaggeration, this is not a drill. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

LIONEL PODCAST: Do Not Adjust Your Set.

Losing their decoder ring.

It’s not so much the instrument per se that’s the problem but the drivel and dreck that’s programmed into it, the lies and distortions and untruths that spew and ooze from its “news” format and mode. And you can see it yet again when it comes to the issue of military intervention in Syria. Like clockwork and in lockstep, the mynah bird apparatchiks from the propagandist Ted Baxter sockuppet media report on cue and as rehearsed without so much as reference to prior lies and distortions or, better yet, countervailing and contraindications of invasion. They couldn’t care less. For they’d lose their membership card and decoder ring in the Obama acolyte parade.


We’re witnessing the reconfiguration of a globalist banking and geopolitical latticework and power frame. It’s the decline and eclipse of OPEC and sayonara to the petrodollar. The emergence of the Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom as the largest extractor of natural gas and one of the largest companies in the world, headquartered and run ostensibly by Vlad Bad and the Russkies. Wow. And there it is, the gravamen of the issue. Not despotic tyrants and the like but the destabilization of an age-old system. The Eastern Alliance with Syria being the end port to the Mediterranean. Don’t feel bad if this is new to you. If you’ve listened to anchorbots on the telly, you’ve learned nothing as you’ve heard nothing.

LIONEL PODCAST: Here We Go Again. Not!

Sound familiar?

The conversational presentation (admittedly most one-sided) of this podcast does not necessarily deal with the absolutely mind-boggling rhetoric that our great country engages in yet again. No, in fact it addresses per usual some of the more mundane yet equally fascinating aspects of the human condition.

But this Sunday morn I’m watching our POTUS and his Corsican brother Cameron in the UK and the wax figurine John Kerry pound the proverbial podium in a ham-fisted absolutely enraged sense of urgency for us to attack militarily – albeit limited, whatever the hell that means – Syria. My God have we learned nothing? Wait, I’ve answered myself.

I’m still waiting for a cogent casus belli. That which would justify and rally this country to attack Syria. But dig this, my friend, Syria ain’t Libya. Syria has the BRIC folks standing by in the wings and they’re none too pleased.

 Listen to this dude.

Generals by their very nature live for war. They live to kill and blow stuff up real good. That’s how they’re elevated and promoted and that’s not meant to seem cruel, it’s a fact. Surgeons cut, painters paint and talk radio PD’s destroy the very essence of what was vibrant and useful.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Gawd, I love this guy. Oh, he’s far from perfect, believe me. His Austrian school economics theories leave a lot to be desired. The Mont Pelerine Society won’t be entertaining my inclusion for membership any time soon. But that being said, Dr. Paul brings up the notion of false flag and I respectfully submit that the phase often is misinterpreted. War is deception. War is confusion. Sun Tzu made that point most clear. So, can we absolutely rule out the FSA as being responsible in gas attacks? Has Assad’s complicity been absolutely determined? And if so, is war the way to handle that? I thinketh not. Yet. If at all.