LIONEL PODCAST: Here We Go Again. Not!

Sound familiar?

The conversational presentation (admittedly most one-sided) of this podcast does not necessarily deal with the absolutely mind-boggling rhetoric that our great country engages in yet again. No, in fact it addresses per usual some of the more mundane yet equally fascinating aspects of the human condition.

But this Sunday morn I’m watching our POTUS and his Corsican brother Cameron in the UK and the wax figurine John Kerry pound the proverbial podium in a ham-fisted absolutely enraged sense of urgency for us to attack militarily – albeit limited, whatever the hell that means – Syria. My God have we learned nothing? Wait, I’ve answered myself.

I’m still waiting for a cogent casus belli. That which would justify and rally this country to attack Syria. But dig this, my friend, Syria ain’t Libya. Syria has the BRIC folks standing by in the wings and they’re none too pleased.

 Listen to this dude.

Generals by their very nature live for war. They live to kill and blow stuff up real good. That’s how they’re elevated and promoted and that’s not meant to seem cruel, it’s a fact. Surgeons cut, painters paint and talk radio PD’s destroy the very essence of what was vibrant and useful.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Gawd, I love this guy. Oh, he’s far from perfect, believe me. His Austrian school economics theories leave a lot to be desired. The Mont Pelerine Society won’t be entertaining my inclusion for membership any time soon. But that being said, Dr. Paul brings up the notion of false flag and I respectfully submit that the phase often is misinterpreted. War is deception. War is confusion. Sun Tzu made that point most clear. So, can we absolutely rule out the FSA as being responsible in gas attacks? Has Assad’s complicity been absolutely determined? And if so, is war the way to handle that? I thinketh not. Yet. If at all.

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