LIONEL PODCAST: Do Not Adjust Your Set.

Losing their decoder ring.

It’s not so much the instrument per se that’s the problem but the drivel and dreck that’s programmed into it, the lies and distortions and untruths that spew and ooze from its “news” format and mode. And you can see it yet again when it comes to the issue of military intervention in Syria. Like clockwork and in lockstep, the mynah bird apparatchiks from the propagandist Ted Baxter sockuppet media report on cue and as rehearsed without so much as reference to prior lies and distortions or, better yet, countervailing and contraindications of invasion. They couldn’t care less. For they’d lose their membership card and decoder ring in the Obama acolyte parade.


We’re witnessing the reconfiguration of a globalist banking and geopolitical latticework and power frame. It’s the decline and eclipse of OPEC and sayonara to the petrodollar. The emergence of the Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom as the largest extractor of natural gas and one of the largest companies in the world, headquartered and run ostensibly by Vlad Bad and the Russkies. Wow. And there it is, the gravamen of the issue. Not despotic tyrants and the like but the destabilization of an age-old system. The Eastern Alliance with Syria being the end port to the Mediterranean. Don’t feel bad if this is new to you. If you’ve listened to anchorbots on the telly, you’ve learned nothing as you’ve heard nothing.

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