LIONEL PODCAST: Front Row Horror

The conspiracy of suspicion. Read this headline. Now, let me ask you: Is this a conspiracy theory? Well, if it is, the Post is advancing it. That’s right, Ol’ Rupert M. Or was advancing it. Listen to me carefully. For 12 years I’ve studied that event and all of its permutations and believe me, if you think that the official story and account is the last word, you know nothing. You and the rest of the world. Strike that. The rest of the country because is nescient because the world is more interested in our national day of horror than we are.

The arrogance of disclosure. Five events happened that day in terms of attack sites: (1) North Tower; (2) South Tower; (3) Building 7; (4) The Pentagon; and (5) Shanksville – FLT 93. Take the time and review the issues, questions and investigations as to any and all. And note how many people have no idea of the significance of WTC 7. Trust me when I tell you this, the official account is anything but final and comprehensive. In every other tragedy and event of our country revision and review are the norm. We still parse and dissect every aspect of the JFK assassination and will up to and beyond this year’s 50th anniversary. We dissect Vietnam, the Korean War, Watergate. There’s even been critical review as to the accuracy of the official account of Pearl Harbor. Yet we proceed fearlessly.

Never apologize for your passion of truth. But it’s hands off 9-11. Lest you be called a conspiracy theorist. Translation: a loon, a nut. Gore Vidal said, “It is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life.” He also quipped that he’s not a conspiracy theorist but a conspiracy analyst.

Verity. Call this what you want. The issue remains that the issue remains – as to the full and complete story. Be not afraid of demanding the truth. It’s the last the heroes and victims and their families deserve.

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