LIONEL PODCAST: Patchwork Meets The Big Pink

The challenge.

One of the great challenges for me as a podcast feller is to define with any semblance of particularity a subject or patterned mode of discussion. I once had a rather shortsighted type in a managerial position (if you can believe that) use the term “veering. “ I seriously asked him if he’d ever suggest to Ella Fitzgerald that she wasn’t actually pronouncing words during a sonorous scat (versus a less pleasant version). Then of course there was the problem of explaining who Ella Fitzgerald was. I prefer the term desultory. Not that I was, mind you, but I prefer the word. Lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm  is one set of descriptives. The last one is most bothersome or would be if it applied – lacking enthusiasm. Can you imagine? You see, that explains the trouble with the world. Trying to fit an idea or theme under a rubric or classification. It’s all insane and obscene and absurd. And once you label something that gives some Boeotian the ability to disregard the merit or worth of your thoughts in that it falls within a label lattice. Liberal, conservative, conspiracy theorist, right-wing, leftie, fascist. Give someone a label and you’ve marginalized him. And then this phenomenon: when a label is advanced, thrown or trotted out, you spend the bulk of your time dissecting whether you in fact fall under that label or if your political or philosophical framework comports with a given pigeonhole.

If Gawd could write comedy … .

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