LIONEL PODCAST: Interminable Intermeddling Inter Alia

It all begin with a twisted dream.

This is a most fascinating day for me. It’s the first day of Fall and the beginning of my pre-colonoscopy prep. The subject fascinates people. That’s right. The seasons. I kid, of course.

And this is true especially by and from those who’ve had a Roto-Rooter scope in the past.  Folks love to overdo the prep portion. It’s the usual reaction to anything. We embellish and exaggerate that which we’ve survived. My gastro doc prescribed this great sounding substance: SUPREP BOWEL PREP KIT. How’s that for self-explanatory? What a great name. Id love to be the industry spokesperson. Remember when June Allyson was the spokeslady for Depend? Note: It’s Depend and not Depends. Funny, I always thought it odd that the device that was supposed to collect and contain errant incontinence oops moments that had to work every damn time was not called WORKS EVERY DAMN TIME. No, instead it’s called DEPEND(S). I prefer the plural.

Matters bowel freak folks out and I’ll never understand why. There must be some Freudian atavistic deep-seated reason for it. Interestingly enough, the one area the FCC is notorious for enforcing is that discussion or piece that addresses in excess those matters excretory. How insane is that? Violence, racism: no problem. But an over the top poop reference and they go crackers. What does this say about us? It’s amazing that we pretend to find these matters disgusting and I say pretend because everyone loves a great flatulence or extreme egesta joke or moment. And you know it’s true. I’m an accomplished manualist and can make that perfect flatus sound mit mein mitts. It’s been a great source of entertainment and laughter since I can remember. Great in elevators and even better during routine physicals.

Admit it. You know it’s funny.

The NYC Mayor Race Explained

I recorded this piece “Dueling Lionels” last Friday. I’ve two of the greatest artists and tech geniuses at my disposal at Mother PIX and they made this happen. Kenton Young, the brilliant photographer and videographer, and Dave Scanlon, the evil genius of editing. Behold this masterpiece.

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