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LIONEL PODCAST: The Enchiridion of Critical Thinking. Or Something.

Mr. Watson, I need you. After a series of frustrating conversion problems with Mac OS X 10.9 and an FTP conversion system that could only accommodate 10.7, that frustrating beach ball from hell, hours of reconfiguring and finally finding a system that could accommodate these new strictures and requirements, VOILA! I’ve the following.

Conspiracy? No fact. This has indeed been a most interesting times what with the semicentennial of JFK’s public murder, the insanity of Thanksgiving and the attendant Black Friday (supported if not caused in toto by the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media), here we are and here I sit. The JFK 50th was spectacular in in its unspectacular coverage by a feckless, impuissant and invertebrate MSM who found new ways to regurgitate the old. I watched amazed at how the official story was replayed and rehashed without missing a beat. Not one anchor or reporter of note (except one brave commentator) dared to address alternative theories to the spectacular and fantastic official story. Theories that have been studied and analyzed by a host of respectable and learned folks. Remember Pilger’s Law: Never believe anything until it’s officially denied. Not for a second did any of these folks even consider the fact that the official story that was presented by those with the most to lose was replete with holes and logical inconsistencies. ‘Twas amazing truly. In fact, I was sitting with a young colleague who had miraculously never seen the Zapruder film, especially the frames that show the bloodied mist of the President’s brains and dura mater and shards of skull. He was aghast at the brutality. So, this is what they’ve been talking about. I asked him afterwards which direction he thought the bullet(s) was/were coming from. Why, he said almost shocked at the seeming idiocy of the question, from the front, of course. No, I said, the official story was that it was a rear shot. You should have seen the look on his face. For at that moment, the entire lunacy of the certitude by anti-conspiracists was clear. He finally got it, saw it and marveled.

Remember, they’re happy. And then we went through the pre- and postprandial Thanksgiving frenzy along with the sheer and absolute insanity of Black Friday. Just imagine those folks who are ready to kill others were happy. Happy! They weren’t breaking into stores looking for food; they weren’t rioting over bank runs, no! They were happy. It was Xmas and they were ready to kill each other. What’s more amazing is that they weren’t paying with cash but were invariably charging their insanity, diving and burrowing deeper in debt. And the media watched. And laughed. Watched as these loons fought on the ground, pulling hair. Watching and recording how some were Tasered and arrested. Watching in fake and faux shock. Pretending to be aghast but loving the real time video. We’ve become savages. And, I repeat, we’re happy!

So Where Are the Podcasts?

So where are the podcasts? Great question. Here’s the answer. I use Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. My FTP software is good up until 10.7. And what that means is that I’m basically hosed for the moment. I’m talking to my trusty web warden who’s hot on the issue. Stay tuned.

LIONEL PODCAST: Quit Asking Questions and Enjoy the Music.

Slow down your thoughts, we’re getting dizzy. Since I can remember thoughts appear like someone flipping pages through a book. Fast. Real fast. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. It always posed a problem for those who dared to program talk radio stations especially. What’s funny about that is that talk radio, the theatre of the mind being led by the intellectually frozen and torpid. It’s true. Just listen. But that’s another subject altogether.

How the MSM news distracts, distorts and repackages. Random thoughts seem desultory and frenetic and untethered to the unimaginative. But to you and me, it’s business as usual. Well, Sparky, welcome to the parallel universe. Alas, when it comes to news as being an indicator of our collective conscious, dare I wax Jungian, we’re beyond doomed. Take any week and look at how the American Ted Baxter sockpuppet 24/7 MSM cover stories and then go elsewhere to other countries and compare their coverage of the same stories. It’s mindboggling. How can so much be so different? But that’s the way it’s always been and it’ll be even more pronounced in the immediate future when our incuriosity really takes shape and is cemented.

Tell me about that single bullet theory again, Grandpa. And if you really want to see something that will further boggle the most fecund of minds watch the parallel universe coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. I’ve watched it my entire life and I keep thinking that this year, this year finally people will wake up and come to address and accept the realities of the absolute truth behind this most horrible conspiracy. And yes, Virginia, there are conspiracies and theories hat support and explain them. Somehow people have been led to believe that you can ignore and dismiss away the horrible realities of life by giving it a name – like a conspiracy theory. The great St. Gore Vidal said that he wasn’t a conspiracy theorist, he was a conspiracy analyst. The best thought on the subject was likewise from Mr. Vidal who opined that “It is an article of faith in this country that there are no conspiracy theories.” It’s simply amazing how it’s almost subversive to suspect the subversive. And that reaction, that intellectual patellar reflex will be the end of us all. It’s like the animal that loses its sense of fear and trusts its captor.

Or something.

And now, let’s talk about the insanity of the marathon. Remember, the question isn’t why do you run?” it’s “What are you running from?” But first, this panegyric and eulogium to the great Dorando Pietri.