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LIONEL PODCAST: How and What to Think in MMXIV CE

The subject matter contained herein is loosely listed as follows, inter alia. An adumbration. Adam’s abrasion. Debussy Fields. Paronomasia. Very punny.

  • Lose the fascination with and in why. As in why did this occur? Just fix it.
  • This year think aside and apart from the left-right paradigm. It’s a waste of time and accomplishes nothing.
  • Don’t agree with someone, just listen to the ideas presented. Don’t agree with someone who’s teaching you how to make a paella, just listen. And learn.
  • The most important issue that is at the core of everything that rules the world is the monetary system. And that has nothing to do with economics and certainly not the shrill and routinized blather of such institutional apparatchiks like that Krugman feller, the double agent.
  • Pay attention and start learning about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. A distributed, decentralized and secure information economy, consensus based with built in deflationary controls and limited circulation.
  • Global reconfiguration will be more evident now than it’s ever been. And that means you have to grasp the BRICS and Western Alliance separations and dualities. But the ruling class always stays in power.
  • Watch Saudi Arabia and Russia mix it up. And Ted Baxter will be nowhere to be found.
  • Social media will plumb the depths of human idiocy and psychopathology at exponential levels.
  • The greatest threat to the survival of any society is incompetence and the elevation of the incompetent.
  • Rarely is anyone surprised or the least bit concerned with celebrities who come out and proclaim their sexuality, a sexual predilection that everyone seemed to know about for years in the first place. Sexual preference is anything but apodictic. Especially in women whose palette is far more variform than that of the dude.
  • Pope Francis is a frontal assault against austerity jackals and globalist asset-stripping kleptocrats. His impact and impact are far greater than his thoughts about gay folks. My favorite line was “Who am I to judge?” Funny.

Listen up. The most important lesson you can teach your kids is that there is no such thing as a meritocracy – except in the world of sports.

 The legacy. The Bloomberg administration gave us 12 – count ‘em 12 – years of habituation to control. Control over items and areas that no mayor had ever possessed jurisdiction over. New York took it. And took it. Making it easier for subsequent mayors and governments to exact more and more control. Habituation, control, conditioning, priming. Getting us used to it. We just sighed and said, “Oh, well, what can we do?” Some were so confused they even applauded the measures confusing agreeing with a program’s subject matter with agreeing with or consenting to the extent of the mayor’s jurisdiction in the first place. Sodium, transfats, Styrofoam, composting sugar drinks, baby formula, no smoking, bike lanes. Agenda 21: full-throated and full-throttled. ‘Twas brilliant. And some even thought Giuliani was overreaching. Rudy on his best day wouldn’t even consider hiding baby formula from new moms. Brilliant! The United States of Obeisance.

Spoken Word Radio: RIP. Let me be perfectly clear about this one point. If you’re attempting to host a talk radio program, especially if you’re guest hosting which to anyone with two neurons to rub together means you’re auditioning for a permanent gig, have the decency to talk and not be a slave to guests. Especially bad guests, e.g. experts to assist you in keeping your new year’s resolutions. It’s clichéd and pathetic and hackneyed and you should be indicted for wasting your audience’s time with such dreck. Guests take away from you and it’s about you. Your personality, likes, dislikes. It’s about you. You’re not an interviewer. You’re not Larry King. Guests are a crutch. They’re the crack of talk. They’re Hamburger Helper. They fill in the space and stretch a nutrient-bereft dish. Talk radio and spoken word are under attack right now and this stale format has to go. Or you will. Or the medium itself will. There’s new talent and personalities out there and if you keep recycling the usuals and perennial fill-ins you’ll die on the already necrotic vine. Be unique. Be different. Be smart and funny and daring and piquant. It’s not the message, it’s the messenger, stupid. Ahem.

 Erratum. For the last time: To show excited approbation it’s Hear! Hear! And not Here! Here!

Cryptocurrencies. This year you’ll be immersed in Bitcoin and crytocurrency fundamentals. Expect nothing from the Ted Baxter sockpuppet MSM on the subject. Please find infra a commentary I did on Mother PIX in April. I knew at the time that the subject wasn’t one of universal conversance, but as I’ve never underestimated your interest in that that matters, I proceeded forward undaunted. Trust me, no one — and I mean NO ONE — in the country, especially on a heritage television station and network, devoted any time to even scratching the surface of this fascinating issue. But when it comes to Miley twerking, Ted was abuzz and awash with wall-to-wall dreck coverage.

Walk in the direction of your face. To the 109th Mayor of NYC, adopt this tutorial as a law. Mandate civility. And prohibit pedicabs.

Doppelgänger and Dollop of Doppler. These were the arguments and bases of the last NYC mayoral race. Expertly presented, I most humbly submit.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Diversion and Relevant Irrelevance of Duck Dynasty

The great distraction. The ruling class must be laughing with delight. As we dissect and parse and deconstruct all that is Duck Dynasty and the abridged rights of the dynastic barbate, Mr. Robertson, they get to futz around with the world. And we’re too busy arguing over Cracker Barrel’s sapience in discontinuing the merchandising and than changing its mind. We’re deconstructing A&E’s wisdom in sacking this goldmine enterprise. Can you believe that? We actually are discussing this. At least to this extent. And, don’t get me wrong; it’s important and we’re dealing with the notion of societal tolerance as to the counter-correct, but if only we’d care as much about as to what’s truly happening in the world.

Inordinate attention. Duck Dynastygate is interesting and/but irrelevant. Here’s why. Imagine a fight breaks out in a football stadium on Sunday. It’s interesting, maybe even fun to watch. But what does that have to do with what the owners association is doing as to suits against the NFL for CTE injuries? Answer: Nothing. But it’s interesting to watch. It’s somewhat connected to football, but all in all, it’s just a great distraction. Shall I say any more?

Oh, so now he’s a patriarch, huh? Inasmuch as you might find the “patriarch’s” ideas distasteful and the like, which is certainly your right, he’s not alone in his thinking. And, let me repeat, whether you realize it or not this man’s ideas are not at all unique. More people echo his sentiment than you can imagine and that doesn’t make it right per se, but them’s the facts. And throw into the mix the religious overtones of this and here’s what you’ve got: this most unique case before us. Is he quoting or misquoting religious ideology? I don’t know, you tell me. And keep in mind this as well – if this were any other faith that Phil represented, no one would utter a peep. If it’s Christian or (even better) Catholic ideology – even if it’s misquoted – it’s open game as far as the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media are concerned. And let’s be honest as to this swamp prophet. Who’s even surprised by this rusticator’s worldview? What did you expect? Immanuel Kant?

I don’t get it. I’ll never get this incessant preoccupation with the mechanics of gay or homoerotic love. What does this say about this man’s level of imagination. When you focus exclusively on an act, methinks you’re protesting just a tad too much. So, Phil, Dr. Freud’s on Line One.

Legal mumbo-jumbo. With the indefinite suspension of duck dynasty patriach and elder Phil Robertson let’s look at the legal issues, shall we? First, as a practical matter, fret not double-d fans, Robertson’s suspension won’t affect the January 15th season 5 return in the least what with 9 or 10 episodes recorded and as they say, in the can. And you can bet it will shatter all records especially in view of the recent controversy. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to see any editing out of Phil from scenes. Which begs the question, what was he indefinitely suspended from in the first place? Next, all of the family members have separate contracts with A&E. That’s the entire crew splitting about $200K an episode according to And that also includes additional seasons and cast member options. So, should any or all decide to bolt in solidarity, they’re looking at breach of contract lawsuits to be sure. And I’m interested in seeing the following contractual provisions: first, who owns what in terms of intellectual property? What exclusivity rights are granted A&E once the show ends and for how long? And should the family be allowed to reconstitute elsewhere as a family that happens to be in the duck call business, how similar can that show be to A&E’s duck dynasty that we’re used to? And remember more than half of the $400m generated is from product such as the Xmas album that hit number one on billboard. Now, unlike Paula Deen’s flame out over her comments, Phil Robertson enjoys an almost anti-hero status in some circles. Where revenues dropped by keeping Paula Deen, revenues may likewise plummet by continuing to suspend Mr. Robertson. And remember we’re talking about both the duck commander and buck commander merchandising and products. Bottom line: the family can’t up and leave without suffering serious legal consequences.