LIONEL PODCAST: Marijuana, Free Speech, Absolute Value and Bob Grant

Colorado’s abuzz and buzzed. Marijuana prohibition is illogical, unconstitutional, un-American, anachronistic and a total and complete waste of time. Taxpaying American adults should be able to ingest anything they want, just don’t drive on it or give it to kids. We’ve generations of kids whacked out of their gourds on psych meds and antidepressants and no one says boo. That’s the problem. That should be the focus of concern not weed. And marijuana might as well be legal because it’s here in plentiful amounts. So take out the black market and criminal lenient, free up cops and resources and let’s devote our attention to what really matters.

In 2012, Colorado voters approved the sale of recreational marijuana, as did voters in Washington state. But Colorado is the first to have the pot shops up and running under regulations recently established by state and local governments. Colorado voters’ approval in effect amended the state’s constitution to allow for the retail sale of recreational pot. The state already allowed medical marijuana. (CNN)

A friend of mine who prefers to go nameless (some witness protection snafu) penned the following that I’d like to share with you.

Those who are for the continued criminalization of marijuana are for the most part those benefit economically from it, those who were successfully indoctrinated against it during an impressionable stage of their lives, those who have never critically analyzed the situation, and those who don’t want their kids to smoke dope but can’t win the argument with them.

Considering the huge economic impact of tax income from legal cannabis on top of the costs of marijuana-related trial and incarceration expenses that states would no longer need to pay, one would think that cash strapped states would be more active in promoting its legalization. And think of the ancillary industries that would benefit. Snack foods. Restaurants. Think of how restaurant profits would soar if they could legally place a hookah in the bar or waiting area. Why aren’t those industries pushing for that windfall?

It’s certainly not harmless as evidenced by scores of panda studies documenting its effects.

I’ve never understood drug prohibition especially when a cursory review of its history shows blatant and virulent racism as its basis.

The absolute value of Bob Grant. In mathematics, absolute value is the magnitude of a real number without regard to its sign. It’s a measurement of magnitude, distance and irrespective of direction. I direct your attention to the absolute value of Mr. Grant.

Bob Grant died on New Year’s Eve. He was 84. And he was, without any doubt, one of the founders and inventors of what is called conservative talk radio. Or angry white man radio, depending on your frame of reference. Before Rush and his passel of wannabes. What most don’t understand about Bob Grant’s legacy is that while there have been shock jock types who’ve crossed the lines in terms of decency, that’s kid stuff when compared to Grant’s true legacy. Bob had very serious and powerful political titans breathing down not only his neck but ABC corporate to get him canned. Or worse. You simply have no idea the inordinate courage and plain ol’ guts that it took for WABC to stick by him. And Bob never backed down or away. Do you have any idea how rare and brave that is? No obit, no eulogium or elegy will even come close in explicating exactly what his legacy is. He knows no peer. But remember; what he said was not the point nor is it now. I agreed with virtually nothing he had to say about anything politically or ideologically. But that’s irrelevant. What I find important to note is that in our world of the impuissant and spineless, the feckless and testicular, he defied convention and authority. I love the rebel. He has no peer today. Commercial talk radio needs a shot in the arm. It’s becoming necrotic.

And in the spirit of Bob, might I respectfully suggest the following. Lighten up! If someone on TV or radio or MSDNC or Faux News or wherever says something stupid or mean or untoward or racist, fascist, misogynistic, sexist, whatever –ist, ignore it or turn the channel or read a book or take a walk. Try not reacting; try not giving a damn. Try ignoring it. The feeling will pass, fewer will watch, the show will die on the vine via lost viewers. But just lighten up, take a powder and grow a pair. Toughen it out. Walk it off. My Gawd, when did we become such a bunch of ninnies.

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