LIONEL PODCAST: Bridgegate and Double-C Exposed. A Primer for the Clueless, Biased, Snarky and Bored.

Governor Krispy Kreme.

The Chris Christie story really has nothing to do with him. At least that which makes the story fascinating. What Bridgegate provides is a Rorschach test for us, the media, the punditocracy and the usual passels of opinion diarrheics who spew, spout and ooze about everything and anything other than the issue at hand. It’s no big deal, it’s petty, vindictive, political and to be sure, it’s done all the time (in one form or another) and it’s not illegal. Let me be clear: If Double-C went to the GWB and physically moved those cones that still would not be illegal. Stupid, draft, certainly. And not exactly a way to endear yourself to Ft. Lee constituents, but that’s it. And Rachel Maddow notwithstanding and the hordes and legions of MSDNC acolytes who work themselves into a froth for reasons other than spectator sport politics, they all must understand that as issues go, this ain’t it.

The Bridge over the River Christie.

So, what’s it all about? It’s pabulum. Simple carbohydrates. Easily swallowed morsels and orts. Base, uncomplicated. A big, fat, bully dude and some rather vindictive minions who clogged a bridge artery. And the theories as to why are as interesting as the actual event, if you can believe that. MSDNC and others came up with a whopper: In order to pay back those lousy Garden State Dems who wanted to hold up supreme court nominations, Ft. Lee was hit like Sherman took Atlanta. I guess, and I still can’t get exactly how they’d know from whom it came and what it meant. And so we milk this baby for all it’s worth. And the pro-Christie crowds keep yelling about Benghazi and IRS abuses and NSA excesses and Obamacare – all to show the contrast in reportage. The unfair treatment of a conservative from the liberal media. It’s all dreck and the reason why I hate the left-right paradigm.

Video Miscellany.

 I can’t swear to this but I have this idea that Ol’ Double-C is subtly implying to his underlings that this might be the best Amendment for them to consider. And now, here’s some video for your amusement.


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