The Protean Psychology of the Conspiracy Theorist and Proponent

Malaysia Flight 370 vs. The 9/11 Official Story. What an amazing contrast in reaction if you think about it. And I have. For years there have been passels and contingents of folks who absolutely and most vocally eschewed any “conspiracy theories” as to 9/11. Conspiracy theories (Translation: insane and impossible ideations) were sick in view of the country’s horror, especially if the architect and participants of the conspiracy were members of our government. And while I’ve heard my share of actual conspiracy theories wherein alleged conspirators were named, what I’ve gravitated towards is simply that the official story is either wrong or incomplete. And that, in turn, has inspired the knee-jerk reaction, the Pavlovian obeisance to the notion of the official MSM-repeated factual scenario. The official story.

In fact while we’re on the subject of conspiracy theories, there’s a unique argot as to 9/11 and the Truth Movement and so-called Truthers. What you must understand is the bane of the existence of the resistance, the dreaded gatekeepers. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but as you’ll learn, that’s nothing new.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy analyst.” Gore Vidal

And with all rejection of conspiracy theories, two reasons lie as bases: (1) Most of the time the particular theory you advance the receiver has never heard of and therefore feels embarrassed (s)he someone missed the obvious; and (2) Hidden, recessed and clandestine activities just bother folks. And who could blame them? Dark forces and the bogeyman don’t sit well. We like our evil lain and simple, front and center and from central casting, if at all possible.

Clarification. I’ve been an ardent student of 9/11 since that horrible Tuesday. It was history, our history and I was here in New York, front and center. And in my research and studies and considerable review of every hypothesis and theory advanced along with every suspect causal cabal and coven, I’ve never seen so much as a hint that our government, viz. President Cheney and the other guy, being involved in the slightest. In fact, while reason for scrutiny is in abound, there are no suspects other than the usual suspects that we’ve grown to loathe and abhor. None other than Gore Vidal, whom as you see I quote as much as I admired him, said, “They [the “Bushites”] could never have pulled off 9/11, even if they wanted to. Even if they longed to.” And when Vidal absolves the the Bush consortium, you can’t get a better absolution than that.

Meanwhile, back at the raunch. Some believe and still hold to the notion that the official 9/11 story is the comprehensive story line for what happened on that horrid day and that nothing about the event is today subject to question or debate. It was that story that is the official recorded story and that’s it. Now, keep in mind, there were five separate collision and crash events on that day: The Twin Towers, WTC Building 7, Shanksville (PA) and The Pentagon. Five events with five series of fascinating questions and issues that have been raised by a host of experts and remain anything but resolved. Questions about every aspect of the event, the response, culpability and responsibility, foreknowledge and the like. Yet, so many well-intended and intentioned Americans truly believe all has been answered. You have no idea how untrue that is. And (again, I state almost out of a necessary reflex) this isn’t to suggest that anyone within our government was directly responsible or any government for that matter – that seems to be the main concern, which makes no sense to me because that’s the first area of inquiry I head to. [See Clarification, supra.] ‘Nuff said.

“It is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life.” Gore Vidal

The plane! But when it comes to this mysterious Malaysian Airlines disappearance, no theory or hypothesis is too farfetched. No scenario is beyond lucidity or rational thought. And I mean nothing. And here’s a perfect example. When claims were made that passengers aboard planes on 9/11 used cellphones to alert of hijackings, many suggested that such would have been impossible based upon the current technology then. (Or even now, for that matter.) How dare you ask questions! How dare you base your inquiries on observation! Any question as to the impossibility of such was absolutely idiotic and the height of specious thinking, just accept whole cloth the cellphone accounts. After all, it’s the official record. Yet, when the same question was asked as to Malaysian Airlines passengers being able to alert the authorities via cellphone, many who thought this possible before, now reject the notion outright. “Cellphones don’t work at those altitudes! What, are you nuts?” So, what’s the difference? Better, what happened?

Amazing these humans. Now, here’s what I also find fascinating: the mindset. Specifically, the psychology of when conspiracy theories – and I’ll use that term just for the proposes of shortcut – do and don’t make sense and that sees to vary dependent on so many factors. Throw in great memes, e.g. Islamic fanaticism (always a winner), terrorism, foreign types who are always portrayed in the light of backward and technophobic, unsophisticated and such, and you’ve got all the elements of a great story. It’s an extension of American exceptionalism, I would imagine, viz. that we’re the only country capable of and equipped with technologic sophistication. I want to know when our acceptance of alternative theories and hypotheses becomes legit and allowed. I want to know the sociological and psychological mechanism that greases the skids for a theory’s acceptance.

Pilger’s law: ‘If it’s been officially denied, then it’s probably true’

And let me throw into the mix the idea that most Americans who opine and posit the loudest have absolutely no clue or grasp of the facts or at least, the issues. Mention to anyone Operation Northwoods, the template for airline switcheroo and false flag, and you’ll get that look. The look of “You’re insane” that translates into “I haven’t read a word of that and rather than claim I’m ignorant I’ll just discard your absolute historical fact and you as insane.” Again, it’s the psychology, the mindset that’s so interesting to me. When do we embrace the seemingly fantastic and deeply conspiratorial and when don’t we?

Fly the friendly skies, all right. Two chickadees had reportedly been invited inside the cockpit by one the co-pilots aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370, Fariq Abdul Hamid, in a previous flight back in 2011. Fly the friendly skies. Now, notice the pile-on of this pilot feller. I mean can you blame thees guys for showing off a little? It’s Frank Abagnale in “Catch Me If You Can.” And the media are going full throttle on throwing everything and anything at and against this guy. Why? It’s our nature.

When compared to the almost military precision of American cockpits it’s easy to see that and why Malaysian high jinks would never have passed U.S. muster.

Let’s get weird. Did you hear about some of the passenger’s family members telling reporters that their missing relative’s cell phones still ring when they call. From the Washington Post:

One of the most eerie rumors came after a few relatives said they were able to call the cellphones of their loved ones or find them on a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ that indicated that their phones were still somehow online.

A migrant worker in the room said that several other workers from his company were on the plane, including his brother-in-law. Among them, the QQ accounts of three still showed that they were online, he said Sunday afternoon.

Adding to the mystery, other relatives in the room said that when they dialed some passengers’ numbers, they seemed to get ringing tones on the other side even though the calls were not picked up.

The phantom calls triggered a new level of desperation and anger for some. They tried repeatedly Sunday and Monday to ask airline and police officials about the ringing calls and QQ accounts. However unlikely it was, many thought the phones might still be on, and that if authorities just tracked them down, their relatives might be found. But they were largely ignored.

Here’s a beaut. Try this one on for size, courtesy of Mike Adams from

Four mind-bending possibilities, none of which seem possible

This brings up the immediate bind-bending question of how electronic devices on a commercial flight that vanished still appear to be connected to the internet. The explanations for this defy everything we think we know about reality:

• Mind-bending possibility #1, the “kidnapped” explanation: The plane somehow landed somewhere without leaving a radar signature of any kind, all the passengers are being held hostage there (and are thus still alive), their mobile devices are somehow within cell tower range and yet for some reason have not been confiscated. (This explanation seems extremely unlikely.)

• Mind-bending possibility #2, the “Stargate” explanation: A teleportation portal of some kind exists in the skies, through which the plane inadvertently flew and was teleported somewhere else. Yet, astonishingly, electromagnetic signals can still make it through the portal, and the two sides of the portal remain in contact across the radio spectrum. (This explanation sounds like pure science fiction and also seems extremely unlikely, yet we must at least acknowledge that modern physics has already demonstrated the instantaneous teleportation of information across apparently infinite space due to the “non-locality” of entangled electrons as described in quantum theory.)

• Mind-bending possibility #3, the “failed search” explanation: This far more mundane explanation supposes that the massive, multi-day search for plane wreckage and debris simply hasn’t stumbled upon the correct location yet. The fact that airplane black boxes broadcast homing signals adds to the skepticism that this explanation holds any water, as it is extremely unlikely that the airplane’s black boxes could have been obliterated. Nevertheless, this explanation still seems far more believable than supernatural explanations.

• Mind-bending possibility #4, the “advanced military weapons” explanation: Some military entity, either human or non-human, was testing an advanced weapon capable of either instantly obliterating large airborne objects or teleporting them to another place (or dimension). This explanation seems incredibly far-fetched, but then again, barely a hundred years ago, so did the idea that machines could ever fly at all. Related to this is the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment which some believe caused a U.S. Navy ship to vanish and reappear.

Now understand, these stories are kinda funky and not that hard to tolerate. Why? That’s my point. Is it because they’re of another country and when untethered by a sense of home filed advantage, we’re more prone and apt to open our minds and more likely to bump into the logical furniture.
Dunno. Either way, it fascinates me. Inter alia.

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