LIONEL PODCAST – Conspiracy Theories, Malaysian Airlines Disappearance, Religion, Gawd and Plant-Based Diets

Is this you or someone you know? Don’t tell me the facts. I’m not interested. I think that conspiracy theories, whatever that means, are insane and unhealthy. But I will opine as the day is long about this Malaysian Airlines disappearance. No theory is too farfetched or nuts. Why? Because they’re not American and conspiracy theories only apply to other countries. In fact, I’m not sure what a conspiracy theory really is. And never tell me that what I believe is wrong. I believe in God, my God, the way I like God. All other religions are wrong and atheists are really, really wrong. Eating and diets are for the health crazy. Don’t tell me that I’m killing myself, besides, man was never meant to be plant-based. Is that vegetarian? And vegan? That’s a Star Trek character, right? But whatever it is, that’s nuts, period. Look at our teeth. I’m not sure what that means either but I heard someone say something about our teeth. News is not a favorite subject of mine. I claim to be a news junkie and have no idea what that either means either. To be fair, my news reading is cursory and perfunctory and not at all deep. My world only involves my country. The other countries are backwards, backwater and Podunk. But, Gawd, do I love sports. I love sports and know sports and read sports and if only I could apply my interest level to those things that mattered, maybe I’d know something. But don’t bother me. Thinking hurts. Caring even more so.

Human sexuality is not subject to choice. And once you understand that, all debate as to inclusion and the like is moot.

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