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LIONEL PODCAST: Making The Case In Defense of Cliven Bundy & Donald Sterling


Opinion, no matter how hateful, is protected speech. It’s legal and moreover a valid means of expression. It may evince backwards backwater logic, it may drip of hate and vile prejudice, it may be the quintessence of putrescent ideation. It doesn’t matter. It’s opinion and it’s protected. Sensibilities come and go and change and vary as to time and place and subject. The hate that you spew at al Qaeda or Osama bin Forgotten may not be considered hate but rather patriotic, good Americanism. Hate’s fickle. Hate’s relative. It’s not hate, it’s to whom it’s directed.

Alas poor Cliven. Bless his heart, Cliven Bundy was on the brink of making a pretty good case for unconstitutional land grabs. The plot was thickening as to Harry Reid’s connection not to mention the nefarious Chinese lobby. All seemed most interesting, notwithstanding his million dollar lien in unpaid fines and taxes that Ol’ Cliven accrued and amassed. The case could have been made that the means by which liens and fines were addressed were certainly draconian and excessive. But all that ended when Cliven made the most abstruse comments about slavery and Gawd knows what. From that moment, all discussion ceased, all interest vanished and all focus was redirected on his words and idiocy. The focus was now on the statements and motivation and thoughts of Bundy as well as his media supporters who were now caught in the backdraft. But irrespective of any constitutional claims he might have had and the consternation that his thoughts inspired, his speech and ideas were protected. All opinion is protected. And rarely if ever was that even addressed or considered. The left-right paradigm usual suspects spoke up and the bumper sticker and playbook commended. Full throttle.

The doddering owner gets set up by V. Let’s be clear, Donald Sterling’s case is most different. While his opinion is likewise protected, the NBA might be able to exercise owner-franchise sanctions as to his speech and the ignominy and opprobrium he inspired. Fine. But the question that I want answered inter alia is whether anyone read Miss Stiviano her Miranda rights when she made these recordings available, assuming she turned them over. As you know, California is a two party state meaning that both parties to a recorded oral conversation must consent to such recordation and interception. Methinks Donald didn’t. Not to mention his hate was contained, private and clandestine.
Either way, his ideas and thoughts and opinions are protected speech. Period.

Hate crimes are just plain stupid. That perfectly sums it up. Why? Because thought crimes (and they’re thought crimes, don’t you ever forget) are unconstitutional in my opinion. Hate crimes are laws and crimes already cognizable at law, exacerbated and aggravated by pairing them with constitutionally protected speech. Remember, opinions are protected. No matter how horrid and hateful. By penalizing behavior even more when uttering a form of speech, you’ve broken through the firewall. And that’s simply forbidden in our great republic.

Look what we’re doing and saying about words. So what?

LIONEL PODCAST: This Can Save Your Life!

Take a look at this. This is the definition of mind-boggling. This is the first shot in the revolution. “Modern” medicine cannot let this meme or idea or fact get out. It must be crushed and dismissed and laughed at as insane.This has to be an anomaly, the rara avis miracle, the one in a million. I can hear the reasons now.

Your diet is killing you. This is the reversal of coronary artery disease (CAD) not by pills or surgery or medical intervention. Not with a stent, not angioplasty. But diet. That’s all — diet. Plant-based. Vegan. Not statins but spinach. It’s evidence collected from one of the rock star CAD storm stoppers, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and its implications could prove devastating if people take heed. This is the fellow who first got my attention. I couldn’t believe what he had to say about olive oil. Olive oil was good, right? The Mediterranean Diet and all that. How many times did I sop bread in freshly poured EVOO instead of butter, referring through some Pavlovian obeisance to the notion that it was a monounsaturated fat. The critical and operative word was “fat”! You’re not going to believe what he and his colleagues say about fish. Oh, yeah, fish. Brain food, right? Fish oils, marine lipids. Good, right? WRONG! Fish eat plants.

Here’s the heretic himself: St. Caldwell. His fellow chest-cutters and bypassers and stent jockeys


Here’s what Michael Greger has to say about the lethality of CAD and cardiovascular disease and its connection to diet.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States, and cholesterol is considered the cause This means that the heart disease epidemic can be essentially eliminated with a plant-based diet, which is free of cholesterol and saturated animal fat. If it’s that simple, why didn’t your doctors ever mention it? Because they may not know. The USDA has been accused of ignoring such research in creating the Dietary Guidelines, whereas in Finland they have made more evidence-based decisions. The balance of evidence suggests that a plant-based diet (for example, here, here, here, here, and here) is protective against and may even reverses heart disease. Medicare has even approved this approach to treating heart disease. Plant foods contain a lot of heart-healthy fiber and don’t have any significant amount of cholesterol, which is found in animal-products (most of all in eggs and brains). []

“So, why doesn’t my doctor recommend this?” Better yet, why doesn’t he follow a plant-based diet? First, a word about how “radical” ideas are historically received. Ignaz Semmelweis was laughed at when he suggested that hand disinfectants used in obstetrics clinics would and could reduce the incidence of puerperal fever. Joseph Lister was as well when he thought it’d be a great idea to sterilize surgical instruments. You see, what we consider now to be gospel was sometimes considered revolutionary. Revolutionary ideas become commonplace and accepted through time and acceptance. So will plant-based as the only way to live. It will be in the same category as the idiocy of smoking. Everyone will know this. Everyone will accept it. The lives that can be saved, the disease that can be reversed, the quality of life that can be exponentially improved upon — all is possible through plant-based diets. It’s really that simple.

Enter plant-based diets. There will come a day when broccoli will be prescribed for atherosclerosis; better yet, coronary plaque will go the way of beriberi. The connection between diet and disease will be axiomatic, a no-brainer, a no scheiße absolute. And I don’t know why it’s not so already. I don’t know why the medical community and Big Pharma don’t forego billions in treatment and pills and embrace and recommend something so simple as diet. That was sarcastic. Of course they wouldn’t. Profit motives destroy and are inconsistent with beneficence. But you knew that. My friend, the evidence is here. The data and literature spell it out clearly. Our Western diet is killing us. We’re killing ourselves. And that’s not an exaggeration or hyperbolic nonsense. We’re committing suicide by the forkful. And no one will be telling you what to do or eat. There will be no laws, no regulations — nor should there be unless El Bloombito, New York’s past mayor gets a crack at diet czar, Gawd forbid — mandating diets or prohibiting the sale of bad food. Freedom’s a bitch. And with freedom comes consequence. Consequence that we can avoid.

The Hall of Fame. Here are the names you should know and look up, Google and become conversant with. They’re the pioneers of plant-based diets and have chronicled and documented the evidence, the overwhelming evidence. They’ve YouTube lectures, articles books, cook books, Twitter and Facebook accounts. You’ve got the library of Alexandria at your fingertips. Everything you need to know is available.

T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Michael Greger and the newest pioneer, Robert Ostfeld.

I’m not one to preach. Seriously. I don’t handle preachers and pedants and proselytizers well. The bore and annoy me. But this is about you. Stop eating what you’re eating. Now. Go plant-based. The evidence is in.

LIONEL PODCAST: Let Me Explain How Religion Works

Rule Number One: Have a sense of humor. Lighten up, and this goes for everyone. And that means perspective, Jeeves. Perspective. Perspective irrespective. As for me, some of the ideas that were presented to me as a kid and even to this day make absolutely no sense. They’re beyond preposterous. Fantastic. Wildly impossible and obviously untrue. The fabulist’s handiwork and craft. But so what?

Don’t act like the poster child for snark, Bill Maher, or even the more academically astute yet criminally pedantic, Richard Dawkins, who spend far too much time trying to convince the devout that their belief is pointless. They’re themselves affected by others’ devoutness. I submit in part due to envy, perhaps jealousy. And their wrath has invariably the Christian in their crosshairs. And especially Catholics. But Jews? Muslims?! Are you kidding? Nary a peep from these brave critics.

So, hear me. Lighten up, you morons. Every religion that’s not yours seems, to put it mildly, a tad off. How could it not? Clothing, hats, diet, chants, rants and incantations. Catholics as a kid from a kid’s worldview were beyond great and I say that sincerely and with love. It was all über great, très great theater of the soul, ritualized reverence and I never believed a single word of any of it for a second. But so what?

The messages were at times apt and spot on. Mention anything if Jesus and the directives were perfect, viz. judge not lest you be judged, do unto others and my favorite — it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a 1%er to slip into Heaven. Matthew 19:24, baby. Imagine the convenient Christians on the Fox Bidness Channel digging that one. So, suffice it to say, my little heathen, the Bible is awash and replete in great imagery and messaging. As are others.

And the Ted Baxter mainstream media love to think they’ve figured out Pope Francis. They think he’s a cool guy who’s the anti-Pope, the un-homophobe, the Pope who’ll make women priests and … . Wrong! What, are they nuts? They just don’t understand the history and house rules of the Papacy. I mean, who do you think Frank is? Pope Hilarius (my favorite, by the by). His position as is the Church’s position on abortion is consistent: He’s agin it. And there’s no budging. Look, personally, the idea that chicks can’t be padres makes no sense. But so what? I’m not rectory-bound. It’s a house rule. They used to tell us young’ns at Jesuit High that priests had to be male because they were the Pope’s army and had to. E ready to travel. So, what, women can’t travel? Like I said, it’s a house rule. Based perhaps on misogyny, historical antecedents and anachronisms, but so what? What do you expect from a religion that doesn’t bat an eye at the fascinating concept of theophagy. (Try that one on for size?)

And while we’re on the subject, while I remain steadfastly pro-choice we’ve marginalized human worth to such an extent that it’s nice to be reminded that human life means something. We employ capital punishment, war, collateral damage, cloning, IVF, stem cell research — there’s nothing that we won’t do so long as we know the code words. That’s why we need Pope Francis and the Church and religion. We need it because it’s a logical counterbalance to the sick and soulless and vapid and vile world that we live in. There may indeed be a God gene. It may be as atavistic and hardwired and reflexive as the fear of falling and loud noises (our only two inherent, inborn reflexes). All I know is that it would behoove us all to respect religion. No matter how utterly preposterous it may seem. To you.

The relativistic truth of doxy and the necessity of knowing what the hell you’re talking about. As you might have figured, I love the topic of religion. It fascinates me in every aspect and area. From the First Amendment to judicial interpretations to the intellectual intransigence of those who can’t see its position and place and relevance. And now, my sermons commence. The disquisitions. The exegeses.

LIONEL PODCAST: Revolution Is in Our DNA

We were born in revolution. Do you have any idea of what that even means? This is not just an expression or a trite phrase. It’s the absolute truth. It’s the prolegomenon of our country. We’ve revolution in our DNA and I would think a sentience as to that which is devoted to the simple idea that the government is a service, i.e, it serves you at your behest. And you needn’t apologize for daring to challenge it when ether it’s Cliven Bundy or George Washington or little old you. And this isn’t some contrived liberty shibboleth. I believe this from the bottom of my heart. It’s part of my dream to have the government fear the citizens as opposed to the other way around. And there are scores and passels if you who agree. This I know.

But the show must go on.N.B.The podcast is smattered with other topics and ideas inter alia. In fact it ends with one of the best renditions of standard bluegrass on that which is not a standard. I touch on a variety of subjects in the news including the bulletproof Al Sharpton who’s conflated the notion of whistleblower versus informant, stool pigeon and rat. I guess Sammy the Bull’s a hero too by his calculus. But blessed be the unscathed. And look, let’s celebrate the impenetrability of those who constantly dodge and evade disaster. Case in point. Bill Clinton, the disgraced Prez, the impeached POTUS who redefines gargantuan and elephantine balls and is the poster boy of chutzpah. Podcasts are streams of consciousness, riffs and thought rhythms. It’s magical. And I know that sounds corny. But one of the definitions if corny is true.

Here’s a bit of memory lane video. An abecedarian look at the essentials and rudiments of liberty and what the hell tyranny looks like. All in a snappy delivery and 4/4 logic. I was speaking last night about the hypermilitarization of the police at a frightening clip. Remember Andy Taylor, Norman Rockwell? Officer Friendly? They’re gone, Sparky. Meet Robocop.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Bitcoin Revolution Will Be Televised

The revolution has commenced. The Inside Bitcoins conclave was mind-altering and life-changing. I was honored to speak before such an august crew.

Mediabistro is leading the way and the charge in Bitcoin awareness and conversance. This is not a fad or gimmick. This is not trending or viral. This is a revolution. And scares the ruling class to death.

The topic was simple: How to explicate and limn the rudiments of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution to the ignorant and naysayers. They were rapt and wrapped while I rapped.

The Javits Center is the epicenter of the Bitcoins revolution.

It was thrilling. Seriously. The convention I attended and spoke before yesterday was one of the most important events of my recent life for a number of reasons. It was a conclave of bright, young, focused, determined and dedicated revolutionaries. And if they didn’t think so before my address, I trust they felt so after. They hadn’t, I respectfully submit, appreciated the monumental attack that Bitcoins and virtual and cryptocurrencies presented to the ruling class and asset-striking globalist hyenas and jackals. That may have seemed a tad strong, but it’s nonetheless true. There’s a spirit of seismic change. A feeling that this is more than a cutesy faddish wonky geeky flash in the pan. This is real, tumultuous and far-reaching.

The focus is revolution and the podcast addresses that concept from myriad angles. It covers areas and subjects that I’m passionate about. Extremely passionate. As you’ll hear. Enjoy.

My video compendium on Bitcoins. The abecedarian to be sure, but nonetheless comprehensive, I trust.